The Little Mouse has MOVED!

Thursday, November 30, 2006

The little mouse has journeyed to another land :)

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Dear Mister Tall Hat

Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Dear Mister Tall Hat,
Do you mind me calling you that?
I know not your name, as the matter of fact,
Though you may not be really wearing a hat.

How are you lately, may I know?
I do pray you are all well and mellow,
With days painted with Daddy’s rainbow,
Truly I care for you, hope you’d know.

Daddy sang to me of you, one humble night,
Kind and gentle, yet courageous like a knight,
With wisdom and dream shimmering with bright,
But top of all, loves Daddy, with all your heart, soul and might.

Won’t you mind, telling me your story?
Of how Daddy painted your sky oh so starry,
And things that make you tear or merry,
And dreams and passions that so fiery.

Hand in hand, a synergy defined,
Of you and me and Daddy so divine,
Let love overflow, and joy never so fine,
And heart and faith, daily refined.

Curious am I to ask you of this,
Ever had Daddy sang you a song of me?
Yes, a rhythm that goes about a little Miss,
Along with her beauty, unique it may be.

Oh, for us to meet, one blessed day,
For if it’s Daddy’s will, He’ll make a way,
A mere delusion, hope not I pray,
Till Daddy’s timing, come what may.

I hope you’ll read this letter one fine day,
So my dreams won’t be let in lay,
Mister Tall Hat, though you may be far away,
Your happiness I’ll pray, day after day,

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Dear Mister Tall Hat

Thursday, August 10, 2006

Dear Mister Tall Hat,
Do you mind me calling you that?
I know not your name, as the matter of fact,
Though you may not be really wearing a hat.

[ be continue...]

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Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star

Thursday, July 20, 2006

Where could the little mouse be, in a star sea galaxy?
Can you see her, little boy, with the telescope you bought yesterday?
Can you see her, Captain Hawk, through your adventurous nights in the wild oceans?
Can you see her, Billy and Jane, through your countless courtship at night?
Can you see her, Daddy, You who paint them beautifully on the velvet galaxy?

On the endless galaxy, there the little mouse stood,
By the right of the valiant white bear,
By the far left of the elegant snow swan,
In front of noble wise owl,
And yes, at the back of swift black stallion.

On top of her voice, she bloom a little melody,
Along with all others, resonating a pleasing harmony,
Flooding void with sweet, sweet symphony,
But what difference will it make,
If the little mouse silent her petite voice?

“So, sing to me, Daddy, again and again and again,
Sing to me, Your beautiful songs of the Hope and Dreams,
Let darkness shut silence by Your lyrics,
And nothingness to be filled with Your opus,
Again and again and again, sing to me the song of You,
And I will sing and dance, for You, forever and evermore…”

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The Dream Centre

Monday, May 08, 2006

Once upon a time ago, in the cat-stricken ally in the city, live two mice, Phillip and Lorelle. Very much in love with each other, they decided to get married and start their own family of mice.

“My little mice ain’t going to have a future here!” tough o’ Phillip exclaimed to the chief mouse. “I ain’t going let them suffer with fear and hunger here!”

Phillip was right. The population of cats was increasing dramatically. And they were definitely the worst neighbor a mouse can ever have. Food was never enough. Clean water was barely there. But terror was. And so were apprehension, oppression and trepidation.

Determined to build a better future for his future family, Phillip and his newly wedded wife, Lorelle took the step of faith and moved out of their so-called home. After days and days of wondering in the big-world-out-there, they finally landed their little feet in an artic of an abandoned shop.

Oh, what an eye sore it was! Dust was inches thick. There were black, gooey unknown slim everywhere. Walls so cracked and old. The filth, the mess and what is that agonizing stink?

The newly weds looked into each other eyes and gave an ensuring smile. Their little heads can only think of one thing; home sweet home. Thus, off they start, cleaning and dusting and scrubbing their new found home.

Not long after that, Phillip and Lorelle became proud parents of three, Laorph, Houp and Phald. Laorph was the only girl among her siblings, not to mention the eldest of them. She has a heart that is bigger than the sky and deeper than the ocean. Always taking meticulous care of her parents and her two pesky, vigorous brothers. Neither has she complain nor whine nor grumble.

Houp was an image of his father, Phillip. Tough, determined, dependable. His optimism in life never fails to bewilder his parents! Anticipate abundance from him, he will give abundance more.

Last is little Phald. Tiniest, cutest mouse any have ever seen! Though he’s just five years old and the tiniest of them all, the proud parents never expect any less from him. They believed he could, one day, move mountains and part seas.

The five of them lively joyfully in their home they built together. Everyday of their life was flamboyantly colored with laughter, dancing and singing. Till the end of days, they wished, to be like this.

However, one quiet night, while everyone was deep in their slumber, Phillip woke up. “What is that smell?” his nose tingled. He woke up Lorelle and anxiously, they went downstairs to investigate. Much to their horror, fire was around everywhere!

“Laorph!! Houp!! Phald!! Wake up!! Waaakkeee uppp…!!” they yelled and they screamed as they ran back to the artic. Panic heightened with the thoughts of the little ones. “Waaakeee uppp…. RUUUNNNN !!!!”.

It was too late. The shop was too old to stand firm for another minute. Before Phillip and Lorelle could get another glimpse of their little beloveds, the shop was swallowed by ferocious flame and collapsed. Along with Phillip and Lorelle…

What about Laorph, Houp and Phald? Fortunately, the ever protecting Laorph never fail to shelter her little brothers and hid together with them in a thick, steel box found in the artic. Nevertheless, they have lost their home and dear parents. Overwhelmed with grief and agony, they know not what to do, but to cry, mourn and weep.

“Let’s search for a safe place to shelter. We may not wish to eat and sleep, but let’s not forget about little Phald. I am sure mom and dad does not wish to see us like this.” Houp sounded almost like their well respected father. Laorph nodded in agreement. Houp bounced up, wiped off his tears away and said “Follow me, I know there is a unoccupied factory nearby. We could find shelter there.”

So, off they went, with Laorph carrying little Phald, following Houp, to a place they know nothing of.

“Wooooohhhh…” Those were the only words that came out from their mouth. The unoccupied factory was huge! Hundreds times, no, thousands times or even millions times bigger than the old abandoned shop they used to live.

“Greetings little fellas! What great wind brought you here?” An oddly dressed matured mouse greeted them with a wink. Oh my, seem like the “unoccupied” factory was very much “occupied” after all. And the neighborhood was so friendly and wonderful. Even though very, very extremely odd and funny, their little hearts whispered, but still warm.

“We are the great Rosa Esmeralda Troupe!!” the oddly dressed mouse shouted with a thunderous prideful voice as the rest of the neighborhood gathered around him… and…well, pose.

Laorph and Houp stared blankly at them, while little Phald was very much enjoying their company.

“Well… haven’t you heard…? THE GREAT ROSA ESMERALDA TROUPE!!” he gave another try, but very much in vain.

“Where you three little fellas come from anyway? How could you not heard of us… the greatest, most famous, invincible circus mice on the face of the earth! Nevertheless! Introduction! Introduction! Introduction! Gather around little ones and do not blink! For we are the GREAT ROSA ESMERALDA TROUPE!!”

A new found home, their hearts are filled with anticipation again.

Then came a teensy weensy problem. The factory was eyed from a group of people. Soon, construction workers began to visit their home… more frequent in time, more of them each time.

“Bah! Human invasion, I say! How could they step into the grounds of the GREAT ROSA ESMERALDA TROUPE without our consent!” the troupe master bellowed during troupe meeting.

“Nevertheless! Strategize! Strategize! Strategize! If we can keep those pesky cats out for good, I say, we are going to keep those pesky human out for good too!!!!”

“Yeaaaaayyyyyyyy…!!” The crowd roared. Though, Laorph, Houp and Phald were very doubtful with their so-called invincible strategies, they were wanted so much to protect their new found home and friends.

Day after day, these amazingly intelligent mice set traps and tricks everywhere in factory. So, in every visit, these constructions will be very much annoyed. Some stepped on nails. Some fell on slippery floors. Some plunged into hidden manholes. Some got electrocuted. Some got glued to their tools, the wall, and even to each other. Work could never get done easily. Completed work was made incomplete again by these brilliant mice. “This factory is haunted!!!” a rumor begun to spread.

“Our brilliant plan is working!! Those humans will leave our beloved abode in no time!! We, the GREAT ROSA ESMERALDA TROUPE, has again defend our home!!” exclaimed the circus master with joy in their daily meetings.

Laorph, Houp and Phald could not be any happier. They could, at last, defend for their dream home and loved ones!

“whoooo…whoooo… do you not know what you are doing?”
“Who goes there? Dare you to question our wonderful and beautiful plan” exclaimed the troupe master.
“Have you forgotten? It is I, Jeha the owl, who led your troupe here to this factory once upon a time ago.”
“The great Jeha!! The great Jeha!! The great Jeha!! We have heard so much of you from our fathers!! If it not for you, we could still be living in the sewers! What great wind brought you here?”
“Know you not what these humans are building here?” hooted Jeha.
“Who cares what they are building? They are destroying our dream, that’s what we know,” questioned one of the troupe members.
“They are building a place of dreams, like you. A place full with laughter and singing and dancing. A place where the only tears are tears of joy and relieve. A place of astounding miracles and signs and wonders. A place of healing in health, heart, spirit and soul. A place of salvation for everyone…”
“Everyone, including us?” Laorph interrupted.
“Yes, my dear little one… the whole troupe, you and your beloved brothers. You have my word for it. This place is for everyone…” hooted Jeha.

For a moment, there were silence… their mind occupied with doubt, none dare to believe a news that is too good to be true.

“A dream centre for everyone!” little Phald exclaimed with excitement. “I’m certain and sure it is going to be a beaaaauuutiful dream centre…. for everyone! Like Jeha promised!” giggled Phald. Those innocent statements of the youngest and tiniest mouse amazed everyone and sank deep into their heart.

“A dream centre… for everyone…!!” their hearts began to throbbed.

“Yeaaayyyy!! A dream centre for everyone!!” the crowd roared with excitement.

And yes, indeed, the once unoccupied factory will turn into a dream centre, for everyone! Even little Phald is so certain of it, are you?

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My Wonderful Friend

Monday, April 24, 2006

Oh what wonderful joy this is,
Like being thrown thousands of kisses,
Though it seems very amiss,
Cause I did nothing to deserve this.

How this tale should I say?
No words can it portray,
But ain’t I putting it to lay,
So, lend me your ear, if you may.

This is a story about a friend,
He who you always in need,
And He who always there indeed,
He who neither flee nor fade nor bend.

I still remember the night just by,
Angry with Him, I know not why,
Wretched and wrenched, I shut Him away,
Sick in the spirit, I cry and cry.

At my doorstep, He chose to remain,
Forsaken from my sight one whole night,
But neither fair nor dry nor rain,
Will He forsake me from His sight.

There He still is, when morning came,
His ever beautiful smile still the same,
In gentle voice, He whisper my name,
“Good morning, I’m glad you came”.

Then He hand me a gift oh so lovely
Pretty stars wrapped in pink ribbons,
To delight me from my misery,
That I may dance with Him in merry.

Oh what wonderful friend You are,
Who gave none less but many more,
Even after what happened the night before,
You still give, and give even more.

Oh so sorry, my wonderful friend,
To cause Your heart to hurt and bleed,
But You just smile and whisper gently,
“I’ve forgotten, my wonderful friend.”

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Tuesday, February 14, 2006

The little mouse let out another sigh. There she was…is still is. Standing still at the same spot for hours, or maybe even days. Head turn left. Head turn right. Sigh… yet another crossroad to crack her little head.

To journey to little town Nephille. Or to venture into the big city Damious. Both of the places are extremely wondrous. No doubt about that. And not that she is lodging any mousie judgment on any of the places. But definitely, she can’t be in two places at once.


“Go left…” One voice claimed. Huh? Who are ‘you’?

“Go right…” Didn’t ‘you’ just said go left? Or are ‘you’ not the same ‘you’?

Are ‘you’ me? Speaking too loudly in mind. Agitating at heart for a move forward. Attempting to be Miss I-know-everything-thus-should-control-everything, again?

Or, are ‘you’ the despicable ‘you’. Murmuring loathsome lies by the ear. Aiming to erupt an obnoxious catastrophe within the soul.

Or, mayhap, ‘you’… really ‘You’? The one and only One who can shepherd the little mouse out from her elaborated mind maze. Speak loudly dear One. For Your words are true light that guides one out from the darkest cave. What is this mousie labyrinth to You who can do all things.

Forgive this little mouse of her ignorance at times. Let Your voice be prominent and lucid. And torch the way for her.

To pass this crossroad, and come to another one. And another… and another… All in the journey to Your kingdom.

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